UrbanLaunches Introduce True-To-Life Virtual 3D Views And Sun Analysis Specific To Any Individual Units In New Condo Launches

UrbanZoom, an AI-focused property analytics startup based in Singapore, has launched a new portal, urbanlaunches.com, that combines both online research tools as well as offline advisory services for potential property buyers of new condo developments.

"The current COVID-19 situation has accelerated the adoption of online visualization tools in real estate marketing. However, most of the current offerings are still limited to 360-degree photos of physical showflats. We want to go further by creating a digital replica of every single unit in the entire condo development as well as its surroundings, thereby giving potential buyers a 'true-to-life' visualization tool specific to the individual units they're considering." said Michael Cho, founder of UrbanZoom.

"On that note, we've formed a research partnership with the Future Design Lab from Hubei University of Technology to push the boundary of producing photorealistic virtual viewing experience of yet-to-be-built real estate developments."

Sam Cho, who is Michael's sibling and heads up the Future Design Lab, explained, "We've been exploring parametric design and architectural visualization for the past decade. In recent years, there's been major advancement in various underlying technology, and we look forward to bringing this from research lab to production setting with UrbanLaunches."


Besides gaining access to 3D views of specific apartment units through the new portal, home buyers will also receive by-the-hour sun exposure analysis as well as 3D floor plans. Other information such as pricing, project details, transactions will also be made available on top of video tours and project reviews.

"While we push the boundary on online research tools, we think that offline services are equally important to provide buyers peace of mind before they commit to a big purchase." added Michael.

"On that note, we will provide free rides to showflats and our guarantee that our quoted price will be a direct developer pricing without any hidden mark-ups. Each buyer will also be advised by a professional agent from the UrbanAgents program, who'll provide personalized advice and detailed comparison between various projects."

Customers will be able to leave public ratings of the specific UrbanAgents after each viewing, therefore creating incentives for each agent to build up a reputation by providing excellent customer service and unbiased advice.

As an additional bonus, UrbanLaunches has also partnered with professional home inspectors to provide free home inspection services upon completion of the specific project as an added after-sale service.

"By combining an excellent online research experience with offline best practices, we hope to make a meaningful impact by improving the entire end-to-end customer experience for home buyers who're about to commit to possibly the biggest financial decision in their lifetime." concluded Michael.

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